Tate Sutton

Years Playing:  12 Years

Teaching Style: I have a relaxed and comical vibe about me as a person, add that to forward thinking teaching style and you have me. Like a young Mister Myagi. The goal is to ensure that you leave my lessons with a smile on your face and get you amped to play drums.

Focus: My focus is and always has been to be in a cool band, play gigs and tour the world. Teaching wise I love to show how drums will always be there for you as an individual.

What makes you cool: I am young, tattooed and colourful. I am a very success driven dude. That tends to rub off on my students as a general attitude towards life and seems to inspire. So I guess I’m cool because I have my own stories that can inspire students to make their own path! 

Biography: At a young age Tate realised that all the world is a stage, a platform, a place to give life to the Tate-sized personality that was being throttled by main stream education.

At 15 Tate said goodbye to hum-drum and began his studies at the Campus of Performing Arts (COPA) where he studied Contemporary music performance. Apart from completing NQF2, NQF3 (diploma), NQF4 (higher diploma) and Degree Level 1 (higher education training), he also shed the skin of teenage anarchical stereotype and learnt about music.

Since those early days, Tate has clocked up experience in studio recording, live performances and overall musicianship. 

He has learnt that rock & roll is not all about getting kicked out of hotel rooms and that respect is earned through conducting himself in a professional manner within the industry – with integrity – and some flair for good measure. He is quickly making himself known in the music industry, promising energy, dedication, focus, respect and passion for everything he gets involved in. Tate is a professional freelance session drummer. He plays for a Pop-punk band called Made For Broadway and his overarching ambition is to tour the world.