Rikki Brest

Years Playing:  20 Years

Teaching Style: Rikki’s teaching style is thorough and methodical. She is very patient and goes at the pace that each student is comfortable with. She makes an effort to adapt her teaching style to each individual student, so that they understand the best they can. Her teaching style gives you the tools you need to have a solid base in order to take your drumming further.

Focus: Rikki focuses on reading music, rudiments, independence, and technique. The aim is to understand concepts so that you can apply them with your own creativity. Learning to hear drum beats in songs and being able to write out parts in order to play a song. The main idea is to have a solid understanding of music so that you can play anything you want to.

What makes you cool: Rikki has had many years of experience on stage performing in many different aspects of the entertainment industry. She is also a DJ, Presenter, Actress and Marketing Lecturer which supports a solid base of being able to perform in front of large audiences and overcome stage fright.

Biography: Rikki has been playing drums since 13 years old. In 2004 Rikki’s passion took her to COPA (Campus of Performing Arts) where she studied Sound Engineering and Music Performance – majoring in Drums, while also lecturing ‘Stage Craft’.It was here that Rikki co-founded ‘Chix with Stix. An all girl percussion trio.

Rikki has also played drums for bands like Evolver, Splinter Town, and Saving Insanity, and has sessioned for many SA artists. Rikki also plays percussion and electronic percussion over Djs at clubs.

She has performed alongside some of the top DJs in South Africa: – DJ Zinhle – Euphonic – Ricardo Da Costa – Benedito – Migueal Tavares -Pascal and Pearce – Dj Kent – Small Paul DJ Wags – Dino Bravo.

Rikki also created the syllabus that “Beat That Drum School” uses to teach from, as she is the founder of the school.