How will drumming benefit you or your child?

Drumming helps in the development of reading, writing and maths skills in young children.

Drumming helps develop basic skills such as gross and fine motor development, visual and auditory discrimination, memory recall, sensory integration and much more.

Drumming helps improve children’s attention spans and concentration. (It’s widely used to help ADD and autistic children.)

Scientific studies have shown that rhythm and music-making improve one’s “spatial-temporal reasoning skills” – these allow us to visualize mathematical and scientific concepts in order to solve complex problems.

Drumming helps to release body tension, emotional stress, frustration and pent-up anger and promotes relaxation.

Drumming improves self-esteem and social interaction.

Drumming encourages the development of listening skills, which facilitates teamwork and group cooperation.

Auditory development is practiced by listening to the “tone” and “bass” note of the drum and also by playing loudly and softly.

Drumming also has all the benefits of physical exercise, such as increased heart rate and blood flow.

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